In addition to the sessions and other activities there will be three different workshops taking place simultaneously on Friday June 23rd at 2 pm:

Workshop I: Genomics and Genome Editing

In the course of more and more affordable genome (re)sequencing and available recourses like reference sequences for different lupin species and even pan-genomes, this workshop will address new possibilities and applications of genome-wide data and new genomic techniques.

Workshop II: Sustainable Sweetness

This workshop will focus on strategies in order to maintain low alkaloid levels in lupins below statutory requirements for feed and food applications. New insights on analytical methods, metabolic pathways and genetic background of alkaloids in lupins will be presented and discussed.

Workshop III: Utilization of Lupin

In addition to feed and food, the utilization of lupins for non-food products will be the topic of this workshop. This includes for example new application possibilities of bitter lupin varieties for sustainable products in cosmetics or bioplastics.
Each workshop includes a short introduction presentation and moderation. There will be the possibility to present and discuss ideas related to the respective workshop topic, targeting possible problem solutions and future projects.

Please mark the workshop you would like to participate in during registration


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